Ridge in earthquake and storm resistant structure and ridge tile for corner ridge or the like and ridge device



PURPOSE: To install roof tiles easily and swiftly by providing a locked projected strip installed on the rear side of a bead having a flashing projecting strip and a recessed strip installed on the head rear side on the crest and a paired flow curved surface. CONSTITUTION: A ridge tile 1 is provided with a locking projected strip 1144, such as a ridge beam installed on the rear side of a beam 114 having a flushing projecting strip 1143 and a recessed strip 11 which inserts the bead 114 installed on the head rear side 1c of a crest and a paired flowing curved area. Then, the locking projecting strip of the ridge tile 1 is fitted in the ridge beam installed on a roof deck, thereby installing one ridge tile 1 and then covering the head of the other ridge tile over the upper edge 114 of the ridge tile 1 and fitting the recessed strip 11. Then, both ridge tiles 1 are linked with each other, thereby attaining an inserting relation between the bead 114 and the recessed strip 11, so that the flushing projected strip 1143 installed on the bead 114 is locked with the inside offset end face of the recessed strip 11. The rainwater penetrated in the bead 114 is arranged to flow down toward pantiles on both sides by way of the flushing projecting strip 1143. The ridge tiles 1 are repeatedly installed while a nail is inserted from a nail hole, thereby tying each ridge tile with the ridge beam. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】 本発明は、乾式棟工法に使用される耐震、耐 風雨構造の棟瓦及び棟装置に関する。 【構成】 棟瓦1は、山形状の頂面部111と、この頂 面部より流れ方向にそれぞれ延設された曲面を有するほ ぼ八字状に設けられる対の流れ曲面部112、112 と、この対の流れ曲面部の各裾部片112a、112a にそれぞれ設けたのし段積み113aを有するのし段付 部113、113と、玉縁頂面部111及び対の流れ曲 面部1142、1142の頭に設けた水返し突条114 3を有する玉縁114と、この玉縁の裏面側に設けた棟 木又は垂木等係止用の係止突条1144等と、前記頂面 部及び対の流れ曲面部の尻裏面側に設けた前記玉縁が挿 入される凹条11と、で構成される。よって、乾式棟工 法に則って簡易かつ迅速に葺工することができる。耐 震、耐風雨構造の棟瓦として最適である。




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