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US-7748474-B2: Active vibration control for subterranean drilling operations patent, US-7870229-B2: Network for targeting individual operating a microcomputer regardless of his location patent, US-7025453-B2: Imaged articles comprising a substrate having a primed surface patent, US-7253401-B2: Spectral gamma ray logging-while-drilling system patent, US-7766650-B2: Gas-powered tool patent, US-7831671-B2: Authenticating electronic communications patent, US-8282239-B2: Light-directing apparatus with protected reflector-shield and lighting fixture utilizing same patent, US-6732916-B1: Automated ticket cancellation device and process for canceling uniquely numbered tickets patent, US-7074498-B2: Influence of surface geometry on metal properties patent, US-7629531-B2: Low power thermoelectric generator patent, US-7999200-B2: Safety switch patent, US-8349813-B2: Destruction of microbial products by enzymatic digestion patent, US-6747288-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7789783-B2: Inverted tooth chain system with inside flank engagement patent, US-6736853-B2: Method of using tissue cage patent, US-7772515-B2: Vacuum switchgear assembly and system patent, US-7533946-B2: Closing device for drawers patent, US-6768566-B2: Projection screen apparatus including holographic optical element patent, US-7695792-B2: Silver alloy reflective films for optical information recording media, silver alloy sputtering targets therefor, and optical information recording media patent, US-7503449-B2: Multi-lane fruit guide assembly for a juice extractor and related methods patent, US-6777673-B2: Ion trap mass spectrometer patent, US-8352864-B2: Method of operating a design generator for personalization of electronic devices patent, US-8054084-B2: Methods and systems for diagnosing stator windings in an electric motor patent, US-8494653-B2: Paddle lead configurations for electrical stimulation systems and methods of making and using patent, US-7199918-B2: Electrical contact method and structure for deflection devices formed in an array configuration patent, US-8145720-B2: Validating user information prior to switching Internet service providers patent, US-8476337-B2: Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses and related compositions and methods patent, US-7966380-B2: Method, system, and program for forwarding messages between nodes patent, US-8261295-B1: High-level language for specifying configurations of cloud-based deployments patent, US-7129938-B2: Low power circuits for active matrix emissive displays and methods of operating the same patent, US-7294701-B2: Antibody fragment capable of modulating multidrug resistance and compositions and kits and methods using same patent, US-6999696-B2: Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus patent, US-7774759-B2: Methods and apparatus to detect a macroscopic transaction boundary in a program patent, US-7345041-B2: Chemical compounds patent, US-7385306-B2: wind power generator including blade arrangement patent, US-7573640-B2: Multi-plane optical apparatus patent, US-7282703-B2: Method and apparatus for accurate calibration of a reflectometer by using a relative reflectance measurement patent, US-8106205-B2: N[S(4-aryl-triazol-3-yl)α-mercaptoacetyl]p-amino benzoic acids as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors patent, US-8153116-B2: Use of conditional plasmodium strains lacking an essential gene in malaria vaccination patent, US-7138226-B2: Preservation of RNA and morphology in cells and tissues patent, US-6850977-B2: Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network patent, US-7736331-B2: Drainage catheter hub with welded suture and sidewall stylet patent, US-7531662-B2: Cinchona-alkaloid-based catalysts, and asymmetric alcoholysis of cyclic anhydrides using them patent, US-7098850-B2: Grounded antenna for a wireless communication device and method patent, US-7987113-B2: System and method of creating an adjustable commission patent, US-6911246-B2: Rubbing apparatus having turning buffer for fabricating liquid crystal display device patent, US-7317869-B2: Digital camera and printing system patent, US-7966751-B2: Sole with extensible structure patent, US-7094291-B2: Semiconductor processing apparatus patent, US-7605082-B1: Capping before barrier-removal IC fabrication method patent, US-8109975-B2: Collar bore configuration for dynamic spinal stabilization assembly patent, US-8389279-B2: α-aminocyclolactam ligands for G-protein coupled receptors, and methods of using same patent, US-7371210-B2: Flexible instrument patent, US-7103427-B2: Delivery of process plant notifications patent, US-6906497-B2: Enabling circuit for avoiding negative voltage transients patent, US-8048983-B2: HMGN2 peptides and related molecules that selectively home to tumor blood vessels and tumor cells patent, US-7191777-B2: Medicament dispenser patent, US-6874593-B2: Driving apparatus for speed changing and steering of a vehicle patent, US-7491881-B2: Method of manufacturing a nuclear-cored battery patent, US-7299210-B2: On-line value-bearing indicium printing using DSA patent, US-7280490-B1: Method and apparatus for border node behavior on a full-duplex bus patent, US-7577080-B2: Recording medium with a linking area thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium patent, US-7985745-B2: Method for pain treatment patent, US-7145474-B2: Dynamic self-configuring metering network patent, US-7035963-B2: Method for resolving address space conflicts between a virtual machine monitor and a guest operating system patent, US-7426567-B2: Methods and apparatus for streaming DICOM images through data element sources and sinks patent, US-8273869-B2: Lipid formulated dsRNA targeting the PCSK9 gene patent, US-7024371-B2: High availability planning and scheduling architecture patent, US-8492308-B2: Thermosensitive recording medium patent, US-8068962-B2: 3D control system for construction machines patent, US-7907976-B2: VehicleTalk patent, US-7452964-B2: Compositions and methods of use of targeting peptides against placenta and adipose tissues patent, US-7131970-B2: Open vessel sealing instrument with cutting mechanism patent, US-7597163-B2: Obstacle traversing wheelchair patent, US-7605670-B2: User-definable low cost, low noise, and phase hit insensitive multi-octave-band tunable oscillator patent, US-8473847-B2: Methods and systems for comparing presentation slide decks patent, US-49171-A: Improved method of preventing the breaking of glass by exposure to heat patent, US-8201189-B2: System and method for filtering components patent, US-8255950-B1: Dynamic identification of other viewers of a television program to an online viewer patent, US-7906692-B2: Method for making a chlorohydrin by chlorinating a polyhydroxylated aliphatic hydrocarbon patent, US-8196584-B2: Endotracheal cuff and technique for using the same patent, US-8061888-B2: Autoclave with underflow dividers patent, US-8018171-B1: Multi-function duty cycle modifier patent, US-8433585-B2: Managing consistent interfaces for business objects across heterogeneous systems patent, US-8228791-B2: System and method for routing communications between packet networks based on intercarrier agreements patent, US-8175681-B2: Combination of electromagnetic and electropotential localization patent, US-673546-A: Siphon. patent, US-682347-A: Foot-switch. patent, US-692909-A: Veneer for use in the manufacture of boxes, &c. patent, US-696747-A: Oil-saver. patent, US-697480-A: Railway-tie. patent, US-698847-A: Tappet. patent, US-722351-A: Manufacture of steel dies. patent, US-723187-A: Sand-sifting machine. patent, US-731269-A: Ironing-machine. patent, US-746307-A: Rolling shutter. patent, US-756299-A: Meter. patent, US-764110-A: Cotton-planter. patent, US-765018-A: Tent-bed. patent, US-770432-A: High-potential induction-coil patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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