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JP-2000129490-A: Electroplating method and electroplating device patent, JP-2000129754-A: 人体局部洗浄装置 patent, JP-2000130210-A: Throttle control device patent, JP-2000130417-A: Threaded anchor patent, JP-2000131791-A: Silver halide photographic element with less fogging patent, JP-2000131870-A: Sheet for printing and copying patent, JP-2000131962-A: Image forming device patent, JP-2000132092-A: 'earth's axis inclination angle and sunlight' experiencing device patent, JP-2000132465-A: Device and method for code conversion of ftp server and record medium where code converting program is recorded patent, JP-2000132818-A: Production of magnetoresistance effect film, magnetoresistance effect film and thin film magnetic head using the method patent, JP-2000133069-A: Wiring jig of wire bundle and wiring method of wire bundle patent, JP-2000133153-A: イオン源,核融合用中性粒子ビーム入射装置,及びイオンビームプロセス装置 patent, JP-2000134335-A: ボタン電話システム patent, JP-2000134773-A: 配線取出装置 patent, JP-2000134948-A: 圧縮機駆動装置とこれを用いた空気調和機 patent, JP-2000135089-A: 顆粒球コロニー刺激因子受容体の測定方法 patent, JP-2000135554-A: コア積厚補正圧制御装置 patent, JP-2000135680-A: 粉粒体噴射ノズル patent, JP-2000135967-A: ウェビング挿通部材 patent, JP-2000136424-A: Structure for mounting shield of helmet patent, JP-2000136599-A: 屋根材および屋根材葺設構造 patent, JP-2000137107-A: 透過型回折格子 patent, JP-2000138005-A: Lamp, light source device using it, illumination optical device and projection type display device patent, JP-2000138213-A: 塗布膜形成装置 patent, JP-2000139599-A: 車両シ―ト組立体および制御組立体 patent, JP-2000139993-A: 温熱材 patent, JP-2000140316-A: パチンコ機 patent, JP-2000140405-A: Gift obtaining game machine patent, JP-2000140759-A: 圧電アクチュエータ及び圧電バイブレータ patent, JP-2000140887-A: Method for purifying sewage and device therefor patent, JP-2000141610-A: 印刷機のインキ供給装置 patent, JP-2000141659-A: マイクロインジェクティングデバイス及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2000142438-A: Hydraulic power steering device patent, JP-2000143001-A: 給紙装置およびその制御方法ならびに記録媒体 patent, JP-2000143110-A: エレベータの異常報知装置 patent, JP-2000143121-A: エレベータのガイドレール固定装置 patent, JP-2000143465-A: Hair dye composition patent, JP-2000143969-A: Polyurethane composition having forming property and foam patent, JP-2000143984-A: Fluorinated polyimide resin composition and its production patent, JP-2000144042-A: Coating material and surface treatment using the same patent, JP-2000144151-A: Regeneration of hydrogenation treatment catalyst patent, JP-2000144185-A: 洗浄剤組成物 patent, JP-2000147781-A: スクリーンマスク及びその製造方法並びに配線基板 patent, JP-2000149371-A: Recording/playing device for disk housed in cartridge patent, JP-2000149553-A: Semiconductor memory apparatus and system with the apparatus patent, JP-2000149653-A: Cooling type illuminating lamp patent, JP-2000149925-A: リチウム二次電池用正極活物質とその製造方法及びその用途 patent, JP-2000150006-A: 高分子固体電解質を用いた光電変換素子 patent, JP-2000150324-A: 封口板 patent, JP-2000151050-A: Composite insulation metal board patent, JP-2000151329-A: High-frequency device patent, JP-2000151420-A: Data coding device and data coding method, data processing unit and data processing method, data converter and data conversion method, data multiplexer and data multiplexing method, and data transmission equipment patent, JP-2000151789-A: Communication terminal patent, JP-2000153502-A: Mortising machine for wooden building patent, JP-2000154488-A: Variable width flow box for paper making patent, JP-2000154897-A: 樹脂管用分岐継手 patent, JP-2000155113-A: ガスクロマトグラフ patent, JP-2000155534-A: 投射型画像表示装置 patent, JP-2000155727-A: 無線装置と電子装置との間のデ―タ通信方法及びデ―タ通信装置 patent, JP-2000156396-A: Wafer separating carrier patent, JP-2000156425-A: Module semiconductor device patent, JP-2000156478-A: Manufacture of semiconductor memory device patent, JP-2000157248-A: 喫煙用パイプ patent, JP-2000157543-A: Ultrasonic wave probe patent, JP-2000158066-A: 拡管時の品質監視方法 patent, JP-2000158261-A: 加工装置 patent, JP-2000158386-A: 熱可塑性樹脂管の管端面処理装置 patent, JP-2000158683-A: Imaging system patent, JP-2000158896-A: Manufacture of decorative plate and decorative plate patent, JP-2000159293-A: ワイングラス型コルク抜き器 patent, JP-2000159323-A: 折畳式電動搬送コンベヤ patent, JP-2000159333-A: 棒材供給装置 patent, JP-2000159403-A: フープ材の連続送り出し装置 patent, JP-2000159798-A: New physiologically active substance, their manufacture and use patent, JP-2000160493-A: 経糸2重緯糸2重構造の製紙用織物 patent, JP-2000160836-A: コネクター兼用モルタル接着補助具 patent, JP-2000161061-A: Air cooled engine patent, JP-2000161558-A: 管継手装置 patent, JP-2000161569-A: Pipe joint patent, JP-2000162063-A: 揚力発生装置の揚力計測方式 patent, JP-2000163252-A: 対数および逆対数に対する近似を実行するディジタル信号処理回路、システムおよび方法 patent, JP-2000163284-A: Testing device for information terminal patent, JP-2000163725-A: Magnetic recording/reproducing device patent, JP-2000163949-A: 記録再生装置 patent, JP-2000164177-A: Stationary lead-acid battery and manufacture therefor patent, JP-2000164370-A: 負荷制御装置 patent, JP-2000164659-A: Failure analyzing system of semiconductor memory and navigation method of specimen stage of surface observation device patent, JP-2000165084-A: High frequency circuit package patent, JP-2000165266-A: ソフトミュートの補正回路 patent, JP-2000165566-A: 周辺装置の機能を設定するための設定操作手順の変更方法およびその方法にしたがって動作するファクシミリ装置、プリンタ装置、スキャナ装置 patent, JP-2000165817-A: ディスク再生装置 patent, JP-2000166074-A: Terminal for connecting ground to shielding wire and method for connecting ground wire using the terminal for connecting ground patent, JP-2000166268-A: モータの起動制御装置および方法 patent, JP-2000166509-A: 健康食品およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2000166867-A: Endoscope imager patent, JP-2000166909-A: X線制御装置 patent, JP-2000167108-A: Coin game machine patent, JP-2000167186-A: 弾球遊技機 patent, JP-2000167485-A: Oscillator for ultrasonic cleaning machine patent, JP-2000167603-A: Equipment for producing fine ferrite grain patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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