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US-6225219-B1: Method of stabilizing anti-reflection coating layer patent, US-6521643-B1: Pyridine compounds and their pharmaceutical use patent, US-4144288-A: Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate as a smoke suppressant for styrenic resins patent, US-5541087-A: Expression and export technology of proteins as immunofusins patent, US-5936048-A: Method for preparing modified resins and their applications patent, US-6226443-B1: Recording and reproducing apparatus patent, US-5686393-A: Arthropodicidal oxazolines and thiazolines patent, US-4983540-A: Method of manufacturing devices having superlattice structures patent, US-5045399-A: Organoborosilazane polymers patent, US-4695677-A: Wire tensioning system patent, US-6605758-B1: Soybean variety 94B23 patent, US-4609738-A: Novel dyes, their production and their use patent, US-4995765-A: Method of collecting wastes and system therefor patent, US-4876051-A: Apparatus and method for extruding and expanding polytetrafluoroethylene tubing and the products produced thereby patent, US-6350344-B1: Solventless primers which are hardenable by radiation patent, US-6480383-B2: Electronic component cooling apparatus patent, US-4154748-A: Phosphate catalyzed acylation of steroidal tertiary alcohols patent, US-5198403-A: Process for producing a catalyst for selective reduction of nitrous oxides with ammonia patent, US-5238992-A: Microemulsion polymer blends patent, US-6452117-B2: Method for filling high aspect ratio via holes in electronic substrates and the resulting holes patent, US-5825532-A: Microscopic system integrated with wide-screen television patent, US-5846629-A: Cushioning handle wrap for isolating vibration patent, US-5580875-A: 1-[(2-pyrimidinyloxy)alkyl]-3-(heteroaryl)pyrrolidines and related compounds and therapeutic utility patent, US-6433429-B1: Copper conductive line with redundant liner and method of making patent, US-6146892-A: Fibrillar matrices patent, US-6641301-B2: Radiation detector with passive air purge and reduced noise patent, US-5010189-A: Processes for the preparation of 5-amino-4-hydroxy-valeric acid derivatives patent, US-6370276-B2: Image predictive decoding method, image predictive decoding apparatus, image predictive coding method, image predictive coding apparatus, and data storage media patent, US-5076895-A: Process and apparatus for recovering clean water and solids from aqueous solids using mechanical vapor recompression evaporators patent, US-6124372-A: High performance polymer compositions having photosensitivity-imparting substituents and thermal sensitivity-imparting substituents patent, US-5491174-A: Process for preparation of polyurethanes utilizing novel catalysts patent, US-5540263-A: Apparatus and method for producing individual servings of hot soup from soup concentrate patent, US-5738936-A: Thermally conductive polytetrafluoroethylene article patent, US-5572065-A: Hermetically sealed ceramic integrated circuit heat dissipating package patent, US-6432402-B1: Anti-idiotypic antibody which induces an immune response against a glycosphingolipid and use thereof patent, US-5296570-A: Curable mixtures of mesogenic epoxy resins and mesogenic polyamines and cured compositions patent, US-4548744-A: Ethoxylated amine oxides having clay soil removal/anti-redeposition properties useful in detergent compositions patent, US-6475979-B2: Reduced malto-oligosaccharide cleansing compositions patent, US-364537-A: William miller patent, US-364906-A: crane patent, US-3657140-A: Cerium activated solid solution yttrium gallium oxide phosphor patent, US-366910-A: Machine for hulling rice patent, US-367933-A: Rolls patent, US-3698741-A: Guide for watching sports patent, US-371393-A: Territory patent, US-371545-A: Car-starter patent, US-371887-A: Xtsselaee hitt patent, US-3718997-A: Steam-dry travel iron patent, US-3720810-A: Card marking apparatus patent, US-3721771-A: Telephone range expander patent, US-3722546-A: Fluid pressure device having outside inside rotary valve means patent, US-372439-A: Horse-collar patent, US-374428-A: Feed bobbin patent, US-3744676-A: Means for suspending and vibration isolating flow promoting apparatus from a flowable material container patent, US-3751510-A: Dehydrogenation of olefins patent, US-375174-A: Edward mazatjs patent, US-376161-A: Vehicle-spring patent, US-3767674-A: Cyclohexeno thioxanthones patent, US-377579-A: Metallic wheel patent, US-3784615-A: Haloadamantanes patent, US-378487-A: Paper bag patent, US-3789976-A: Conveyor patent, US-379306-A: Peters patent, US-3808335-A: (2-imidazolin-2-ylamino)substituted benzo(b)thiophenes for treating hypertension patent, US-380970-A: wilson patent, US-381962-A: Ventilated boot or shoe patent, US-3823011-A: Promoted iron ore reduction process patent, US-383020-A: Triturator patent, US-383073-A: Glove-fastening patent, US-383520-A: fritts patent, US-383545-A: Gustave segschneider patent, US-384227-A: Horse-collar fastening patent, US-385380-A: Piano patent, US-385837-A: Feeder for i ngot-molds patent, US-386166-A: John j patent, US-386176-A: William weight patent, US-387212-A: Windmill patent, US-387696-A: Feed-water heater and filter patent, US-387719-A: Axle-bearing patent, US-388907-A: Thomas o brien patent, US-389481-A: Abe ah am mobbis patent, US-390099-A: Josef schulhof patent, US-390181-A: Half to godfbey kopp patent, US-390529-A: stares patent, US-391297-A: Submerged heating device patent, US-391757-A: Darwin v patent, US-391942-A: Axle-lubricator patent, US-39275-A: Machine for compressing carriage-wheels patent, US-393008-A: Automatic feed-regulator for gas-burners patent, US-39310-A: Improvement in railroad-car springs patent, US-393420-A: Screw-driver patent, US-393619-A: Holder patent, US-39545-A: Improvement in railway-carriages patent, US-397306-A: Point for switch-rails patent, US-397668-A: Shade for burners patent, US-397796-A: Charles d patent, US-399405-A: Clarence eugene holley patent, US-399860-A: Weighing-scale patent, US-400282-A: wilson patent, US-402290-A: Electric motor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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