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US-6593459-B1: Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof patent, US-6593183-B1: Semiconductor processing method using a barrier layer patent, US-6555002-B2: Apparatus and method for wastewater treatment with enhanced solids reduction (ESR) patent, US-5966724-A: Synchronous memory device with dual page and burst mode operations patent, US-5683518-A: Rapid thermal processing apparatus for processing semiconductor wafers patent, US-6169103-B1: Fluorine-substituted biphenyl butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases patent, US-5846291-A: Oxygen enriched air generation system patent, US-6306636-B1: Nucleic acid segments encoding wheat acetyl-CoA carboxylase patent, US-5552472-A: Fabric containing graft polymer thereon patent, US-4273784-A: Organic compounds patent, US-5508628-A: Automated closure test socket patent, US-4013678-A: Process for preparing heterocyclicalkylthioalkyl-n-cyanoguanidines patent, US-5179210-A: Preparation of n-substituted imidazoles patent, US-5440347-A: Method and apparatus for randomizing training sequences to minimize interference in digital transmissions patent, US-5621606-A: Capacitor utilizing high dielectric constant material patent, US-6129950-A: Method of forming a thick polysilicon layer patent, US-4060606-A: 16-Ethers of fusidic acid derivatives patent, US-5804872-A: Film carrier tape and laminated multi-chip semiconductor device incorporating the same and method thereof patent, US-6669872-B2: Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency patent, US-4845540-A: Imaging devices comprising photodetector elements patent, US-5290720-A: Transistor with inverse silicide T-gate structure patent, US-4857506-A: Sustained release growth hormone compositions for parenteral administration and their use patent, US-5056070-A: Timer programming apparatus patent, US-5125930-A: Polymeric cationic dyes including a quaternized pyridinium group patent, US-5041191-A: Diffusion barrier for thin film hybrid circuits patent, US-5390083-A: Apparatus and method for stiffening circuit card assemblies patent, US-6645984-B2: Arylisoxazoline derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as pesticides patent, US-4355017-A: Aluminum electrolytic cell cathode waste recovery patent, US-4539257-A: Magnetic recording medium having improved running properties patent, US-4725500-A: Sizing compositions and yarns sized therewith patent, US-4863854-A: Monoclonal antibodies to mucin-like human differentiation antigens patent, US-5958531-A: Peelable and heat sealable lidstock material for steel end containers patent, US-4189399-A: Co-crystallized acetylenic compounds patent, US-4511930-A: Electro-optical information recording and reproduction system patent, US-5989391-A: Reaction product of sulfonated amino resin and amino group-containing substance and papermaking process patent, US-5757436-A: Image processor system patent, US-6028734-A: Cassette display viewer device patent, US-6086945-A: Method of forming polycrystalline silicon thin layer patent, US-4128697-A: Hermetic glass-metal compression seal patent, US-4730005-A: Leukotriene antagonist patent, US-6417153-B1: Azeotrope-like compositions and their use patent, US-5069899-A: Anti-thrombogenic, anti-microbial compositions containing heparin patent, US-5496775-A: Semiconductor device having ball-bonded pads patent, US-5807626-A: Ceramic circuit board patent, US-5961932-A: Reaction chamber for an integrated micro-ceramic chemical plant patent, US-4816529-A: Novel ester-modified poly(alkylene carbonate) polyahls and polyurethanes therefrom patent, US-5102698-A: Process for obtaining an article made of a carbon-containing composite material protected against oxidation patent, US-5702731-A: Lateral type molding apparatus for the production of composite insulators patent, US-5169502-A: Installation for processing liquids patent, US-5424445-A: Alkoxylation products patent, US-6221299-B1: Structuring process that stiffens and protects the surface of thin material webs patent, US-6544998-B2: Combination of gaba agonists and sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors patent, US-5382274-A: Mold with film of 0-5 atom % hydrogen and molding method utilizing same patent, US-5914384-A: Coating compositions containing a highly fluorinated hydroxyl containing additive patent, US-6082074-A: Method of fabricating layered decorative wall patent, US-4764549-A: Low temperature curing of elastomer patent, US-6833620-B1: Apparatus having reduced input output area and method thereof patent, US-6600127-B1: Method and apparatus for direct electrothermal-physical conversion of ceramic into nanopowder patent, US-5691610-A: Process for reducing the friction between a rotating head drum and recording medium in tape form during winding operation patent, US-6433911-B1: Frustrated total internal reflection-based micro-opto-electro-mechanical modulator/demodulator patent, US-4936493-A: Elastomeric valve and piston structure for product dispenser patent, US-4799963-A: Optically transparent UV-protective coatings patent, US-5603157-A: Methods of producing button-type batteries and a plurality of battery terminal housing members patent, US-5891433-A: Extracting soluble substances from subdivided solids with a water-base liquid extraction medium patent, US-5242796-A: Method, system and reagents for DNA sequencing patent, US-5661017-A: Method to transform algae, materials therefor, and products produced thereby patent, US-6303205-B1: Magnetic disk including protective layer having surface with protrusions, and substrate therefor patent, US-6534613-B2: Process for producing polyethylene patent, US-4902309-A: Improved method for the ignition and combustion of particulates in diesel exhaust gases patent, US-5990941-A: Method and apparatus for the interactive display of any portion of a spherical image patent, US-6274752-B1: Organo-Lewis acid as cocatalyst for cationic homogeneous Ziegler-Natta olefin polymerizations patent, US-5406993-A: Safety tank apparatus for liquid storage patent, US-5494655-A: Methods for detecting blood perfusion variations by magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-6387519-B1: Cured coatings having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods thereto patent, US-4055536-A: 4,4'-Bipiperidylidene derivatives and their use as stabilizers patent, US-6689239-B1: Rubber flooring and method for producing rubber flooring for heavy animal maintenance and care facilities patent, US-4018804-A: Intermediate for synthesis of Thromboxane B2 patent, US-4451874-A: Earth photo globe patent, US-5949812-A: Method and system for conserving battery reserves in a navigation receiver by slowing and/or stopping the system clock during low demand patent, US-4461911-A: Process for the preparation of S-arylthioglycolic acids patent, US-4520075-A: Siloxane-modified polyimide precursor and polyimide patent, US-5753611-A: Pharmaceutical composition having site-specific delivery patent, US-5914388-A: Synthesis polyphosphazenes with controlled molecular weight and polydisperity patent, US-6071719-A: DNA encoding ECR 673: A 7-transmembrane G-protein coupled receptor patent, US-6831753-B1: Printing apparatus, print control method, and recording medium storing print control program therein patent, US-4065340-A: Composite lamination method patent, US-4451322-A: Apparatus for forming structural sheets from fibrous biological waste patent, US-5514339-A: Stopper of analysis test tubes patent, US-5599455-A: Detergent-free washing water, method and apparatus for making the washing water, and water/oil separation method for separating matters emulsified with the washing water into water and oil phases patent, US-4286045-A: Image forming materials and image forming process patent, US-6139685-A: Method and device for treating a pulp suspension patent, US-4937055-A: Surface treatment for thin metal or semiconductor oxide coatings patent, US-6506835-B1: Polymer blends of polyvinyl butyral patent, US-5040710-A: Utility rack patent, US-5155467-A: Inclination angle detection apparatus and automobile theft alarm apparatus using the same patent, US-5494711-A: Method of preparing InSb thin film patent, US-4171234-A: Method of fabricating three-dimensional epitaxial layers utilizing molecular beams of varied angles patent, US-5744504-A: Diguanamines and preparation process, derivatives and use thereof patent, US-6059996-A: Low-viscosity coolant brines having improved corrosion protection patent, US-4453992-A: Method of making a pneumatic tire having a lubricant-containing pocket integrally formed therein patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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