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US-6716670-B1: Method of forming a three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package device patent, US-6660842-B1: Ligand/receptor specificity exchangers that redirect antibodies to receptors on a pathogen patent, US-5080921-A: Low calorie fat substitute patent, US-6595987-B1: Heart synchronized pulsed laser system patent, US-5795967-A: Tumor necrosis factor antagonists and their use patent, US-5463682-A: Method of creating user-defined call processing procedures patent, US-6067185-A: Process for creating an encapsulated electrophoretic display patent, US-4131716-B1: patent, US-5405776-B1: Cloned genes encoding reverse transcriptase lacking RNase H activity patent, US-653562-A: Circular-knitting machine. patent, US-4536395-A: Amino acid derivatives and antihypertensive drugs containing them patent, US-5001113-A: Di- or tripeptide renin inhibitors containing lactam conformational restriction in ACHPA patent, US-5624979-A: Stabilized phosphorus-modified epoxy resins and their use patent, US-5744830-A: Semiconductor device patent, US-6255685-B1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-4264708-A: Radiation sensitive element having a thin photopolymerizable layer patent, US-4588636-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, US-4604492-A: Dicyclohexylcyclopentane compounds patent, US-4902542-A: Cushion and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-5102024-A: Headband for holding flashlights patent, US-5548324-A: Process, apparatus and system for displaying multiple video streams using linked control blocks patent, US-6022774-A: Method for production of semiconductor device patent, US-6221332-B1: Multiple stream high pressure mixer/reactor patent, US-4076494-A: Organic compounds patent, US-4107175-A: 1,3-Benzodithiolanes patent, US-4164308-A: Lady's handbag patent, US-4649007-A: Coextruded multiple plastic layer slip pallet patent, US-5098626-A: Method for packing a measured quantity of thermosetting resin and operating a mold for encapsulating a component patent, US-5232969-A: Stabilized polyoxymethylene molding compositions and molded articles formed thereof patent, US-5790376-A: Heat dissipating pad structure for an electronic component patent, US-6025146-A: Identification of M-CSF agonists and antagonists patent, US-6649191-B1: Orally administrable compositions comprising cation cross-linked polysaccharide and a polymer digestible in the lower gastrointestinal tract patent, US-4146454-A: Electromolecular propulsion in diverse semiconductive media patent, US-4171977-A: Photopolymerizable composition with epoxy stabilizers patent, US-4457951-A: Etch solution and method patent, US-4684919-A: Light-source multiplication device patent, US-6043948-A: Information recording and reproducing apparatus patent, US-6607667-B2: Method for adsorbing substances using silica adsorbent on magnetic substrate patent, US-4125392-A: Seaweed extract product and methods of producing and utilizing same patent, US-5138178-A: Photoelectric paper basis weight sensor patent, US-5454245-A: Apparatus and method for removing side-bar automotive ignition locks without damage patent, US-5719224-A: Compositions and methods for detackifying paint spray booth water patent, US-5828868-A: Processor having execution core sections operating at different clock rates patent, US-5874426-A: Cyclic amine derivatives of substituted quinoxaline 2,3-diones as glutamate receptor antagonists patent, US-6002555-A: Thin film magnetic head patent, US-6491795-B2: Process for recovering benzyl benzoate patent, US-4251531-A: 3,4-Dihydro-quinazoline derivatives patent, US-4579018-A: Band selector switch patent, US-6365276-B1: Coated metal articles methods for preparing the same laminated composites containing the same, and methods for preparing such laminated composites patent, US-6789730-B1: Automated banking machine diagnostic system and method patent, US-4268321-A: Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having channel stoppers patent, US-4535053-A: Multilayer photoresist process utilizing cinnamic acid derivatives as absorbant dyes patent, US-4976463-A: Heating system for vehicle patent, US-5610087-A: Method for fabricating narrow base width lateral bipolar junction transistor, on SOI layer patent, US-5895301-A: Hand-tearable moisture barrier laminate patent, US-4028625-A: Sideband analyzer for AM transmitters patent, US-5089374-A: Novel bis-onium salts and the use thereof as photoinitiators patent, US-5909463-A: Single-chip software configurable transceiver for asymmetric communication system patent, US-6059032-A: Method and apparatus for treating long formation intervals patent, US-6136043-A: Polishing pad methods of manufacture and use patent, US-6800317-B2: Phytosterol compositions patent, US-4326532-A: Antithrombogenic articles patent, US-4850536-A: Liquid ejection apparatus patent, US-5204413-A: Process fro producing resin for a toner patent, US-6297528-B1: Dual layer poly deposition to prevent auto-doping in mixed-mode product fabrication patent, US-5162892-A: Semiconductor device with polycrystalline silicon active region and hydrogenated passivation layer patent, US-5282097-A: Automatic search method for a record/play system patent, US-5732380-A: System for controlling driving torque of vehicle patent, US-5856617-A: Atomic force microscope system with cantilever having unbiased spin valve magnetoresistive strain gauge patent, US-6397361-B1: Reduced-pin integrated circuit I/O test patent, US-4111845-A: Cracking catalyst modified by antimony thiophosphate patent, US-4199579-A: Carbamates of 2-haloergolines and 2-haloergolenes and process for the preparation thereof patent, US-5173440-A: Method of fabricating a semiconductor device by reducing the impurities patent, US-5207897-A: Floating hydrocarbons separator pump with buoyant housing and two-chamber vertically moveable member patent, US-4792527-A: Method of assaying biologically active substances and labelling agents therefor patent, US-6080652-A: Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a multi-layered wiring patent, US-6114235-A: Multipurpose cap layer dielectric patent, US-6138041-A: Device for safe use of a portable cellular telephone while driving patent, US-4455325-A: Method of inducing flow or densification of phosphosilicate glass for integrated circuits patent, US-6617307-B1: Peptide and osteogenetic accelerator patent, US-4744510-A: Assembly for packaging objects patent, US-6285080-B1: Planar metallized substrate with embedded camber control material and method thereof patent, US-6583136-B1: Antifungal ethers patent, US-6737451-B1: Thermally stable, high temperature, samarium cobalt molding compound patent, US-6319990-B1: Functionalized thermoplastic elastomer patent, US-6392915-B1: Method of storing and retrieving binary information patent, US-4201663-A: Method and apparatus for the enhanced treatment of food processing waste waters using aerobic microorganisms patent, US-4761322-A: Laminated fibrous web comprising differentially bonded layers, and method and apparatus for making the same patent, US-5143149-A: Wastewater heat recovery apparatus patent, US-4910163-A: Method for low temperature growth of silicon epitaxial layers using chemical vapor deposition system patent, US-5731368-A: Aoueous vinyl polymer dispersions patent, US-6795637-B1: Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor patent, US-6319508-B1: Anhydrous cosmetic composition containing a fatty phase and pro-liposomes patent, US-4669757-A: High pressure fluid conduit assembly patent, US-4578448-A: High-ortho phenol-formaldehyde resoles containing hemiformal groups patent, US-6148039-A: System and method for harmonic interference avoidance in carrier recovery for digital demodulation patent, US-6397212-B1: Self-learning and self-personalizing knowledge search engine that delivers holistic results patent, US-4978112-A: Sheet feeder for printer patent, US-6452920-B1: Mobile terminating L2TP using mobile IP data patent, US-5517094-A: Head rail-mounted mini-blind actuator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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